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World Braille Day: Braille, Books, and Beyond

January 4, 2022
I learned to read braille later in life than most. I was in my mid-30s when I became a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the state of Texas. I had over 100 people on my caseload and their case files filled a 4-drawer filing cabinet that sat next to my desk. If I stood up, I could get my face close enough to read the large-print label on the front of each file in the top drawer. I could stay seated and read the labels on the files in the second and third drawer, but that bottom drawer was…
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There’s Still Time to Apply to the Blind Leaders Development Program

August 12, 2021
…But the clock is ticking. It is the goal of the American Foundation for the Blind to see more blind professionals in positions of leadership at work as well as in the community. Applications are still open for the second Blind Leaders Development Program centennial cohort. We are looking for early to mid-career people with vision loss who want to develop their leadership skills to apply as Fellows, as well as mid- to late-career people who are blind or have low vision with leadership…
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