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Shaping a Digitally Inclusive Future

At AFB, we believe in a future where digital opportunities are inclusive to all. Join us on the journey to create an accessible, equitable digital world by exploring opportunities through our client services, accessibility programs, and a wealth of resources designed to build your knowledge and skills.

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Become a Digital Inclusion Trailblazer

Become a Digital Inclusion Advocate

The Problem

Did you know that over 70% of websites are not accessible to people with disabilities? Yet, designers, developers, and product owners are still not being trained in accessibility skills. Check out our Accessible Technology Skills Gap Study.

Our Solution

We believe that strategically intervening at the educational level while meeting direct company needs with authentic user feedback will create a ripple effect to permeate the tech industry.

Your Role

Support strategic initiatives in digital inclusion and make a commitment to accessibility by establishing team policies, accessible practices, and pursuing professional development.

Accessibility Resources

Build Inclusive Cultures

Learn about the value you create for your brand and workplace when you prioritize accessibility and explore ways AFB has worked with companies to transform their accessibility practices.

Focus on Users

Transform your approach by focusing on users with disabilities, developing empathy for their experiences rather than worrying solely about legal compliance.

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If you have any questions or comments about our programs, client services, partnerships, or accessibility in general, we are here to help! All it takes is filling out one quick form and we're on it.