Collage of four black and white photographs of Helen Keller. Left to right: Helen feeling and smelling flora. A close-up of Helen in 3/4 view in her Twenties. An older Helen with young children and balloons. Helen Keller with Eleanor Roosevelt. Text reads: Leader. Advocate. Icon.

Teachers and parents! Did you know that the American Foundation for the Blind—where Helen Keller worked for over 40 years—has created free, accessible lesson plans for teaching disability history? Now is a great time to teach your children or students what blind and deafblind writers, activists, and leaders have accomplished.

The lessons are designed to teach middle and high school students how to do their own research using digital and physical archives. Topics include the difference between primary and secondary sources and how to use them, the value of accessibility for all online resources, and Helen Keller's role in the suffrage movement of the early 20th century.

Helen Keller Lesson Plans: Free Resources from the American Foundation for the Blind

Helen Keller Resources

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