United States Capitol dome

Let's get Congress to pass the Disability Access to Transportation Act.
In Washington, there’s a lot of talk about infrastructure. Over the last two years, AFB has been working hard to ensure that the next surface transportation reauthorization acknowledges and addresses some of the transportation needs facing people who are blind or have low vision. We started by bringing attention to some of the challenges of using paratransit services and were pleased that one of the reforms that we asked for was included in the Disability Access to Transportation Act as a pilot program.

This bill would create a pilot program to encourage local transit agencies to provide a stop on paratransit trips, making travel by paratransit more convenient and more equitable for blind people running errands, like picking up groceries, dropping off children, and sending mail.

The DATA bill would also improve the complaint reporting process to ensure that local agencies are upholding all the rights bestowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. It would require federal agencies to create enforceable guidelines for the accessibility of public rights of way and shared use paths, leading to more equitable pedestrian access. The bill would invest in programs that provide non-traditional services to people with disabilities and older adults, and it would improve data collection and analysis to facilitate better transportation planning for people with disabilities.

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