The Washington Post published an article today about accessibility problems that occur not only on companies' websites, but in their mobile applications (apps), noting that "Apps can be a game-changer for people with low vision — if companies build them right."

TechCrunch also recently reported on the question: Will apps become the next disability lawsuit target?

They don't have to be. As Lee Huffman, AccessWorld editor and manager of AFB's technology information, explained: "The iPhone has become a great equalizer for people with vision loss. App accessibility is really empowering to them, because it lets them do things that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.”

The American Foundation for the Blind models accessibility through our own free, accessible apps:

  • AccessNote™ is a specialized notetaker for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. AccessNote allows users to combine efficient note taking with the countless other features and functions of the iOS devices.
  • The AccessWorld® app lets you keep up with the latest issue of AccessWorld magazine, read any article in AccessWorld's entire archive of back issues, and contact any member of the AccessWorld team.
  • The AFB CareerConnect App™ is a tool for professionals, job seekers, parents, and youth who are blind or visually impaired.
  • And the AFB VisionConnect™ App allows doctors, and patients who are blind or losing vision, to search for local services, save and e-mail lists, and explore AFB's web resources on living with vision loss.

We also offer that expertise in accessible mobile app development to clients through AFB Tech's consulting services. Mobile apps are the clear trend in technology.

"The leading mobile operating systems have built-in screen readers available to all users. Let us help ensure your apps are usable to these users by following simple best practices," says William Reuschel, AFB Tech Manager, Technical Solutions, and an expert in mobile application development.

Staff members at AFB Tech are seasoned app developers with a deep understanding of the accessibility framework built into the iOS and Android platforms. We are able to provide usability testing with VoiceOver on iOS and Talkback on Android to identify weak points, and we can work with you to find technical solutions to those problems. Contact afbconsulting@afb.net for more information about the services we can provide to make your apps fully accessible and user-friendly.