AFB is on BuzzFeed! In light of October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we wanted to spread awareness of some truly great leaders who are blind or visually impaired, that audiences might not be so familiar with. Helen Keller, rightfully, is perhaps the best-known example setter of an individual who left her mark on the world as a leader in political and social change (including and especially her work with the American Foundation for the Blind).

AFB’s mission to bring Helen Keller’s inspiring legacy to a global audience took a massive step forward with the Helen Keller Archive digitization project. Begun in 2015, over 176,000 digital images are now available at one’s fingertips. One of the project’s goals is to make the digital archive a stellar educational tool.

Please visit the Helen Keller Archive today between 12:00 and 12:30pm U.S. Eastern time. Our goal is to have a large number of visitors test the site’s ability to handle heavy traffic. So we need as many of you out there as possible to take a few minutes and enjoy the treasure trove that is the Helen Keller digital archive!

Helen Keller reading braille at her desk

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