Video Transcript

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is held each October to commemorate the many and varied contributions of people with disabilities to America’s workplaces and economy. NDEAM's 2021 theme is “America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion.”

This year, we reflect on the importance of ensuring that people with disabilities have full access to employment and community involvement during the national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We understand the barriers to inclusion and employment for people who are blind. And we're determined and dedicated to making it easier for the next generation of blind people to find meaningful career paths, through efforts like the Blind Leaders Development Program, our workplace technology study, and more.

It may not be easy, but we can do it. With generous supporters like Gordon Gund, we’re getting even closer.

Mr. Gund made a two million dollar personal gift to AFB earlier in the summer. And he challenged us to reach out to other partners and donors and supporters and raise an additional $2 million dollars for employment programs over the next 12 months, upon which his foundation, the Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation, will add another million. So that gives us the resources we need to hire the staff to design the programs to begin implementing, so that we can have impact, as soon as possible.

And with your contributions, we aim to secure millions more in matching funds that will take us even further towards these goals. Help Us Create a World of No Limits