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On June 6, 2022, Apple held its annual WWDC event, online due to Covid. In the keynote presentation, new operating systems and their new features were introduced. For this article, be aware that even if your device is supported, older models might not be able to use all the new features.

Apps that work on multiple devices, such as Mail and Safari, will be discussed in the Mac section of this article.

iOS 16

The iPhone 8 or newer can use iOS 16. iPads launched in fall 2015 or later, that have at least an A9X processor, can use iPadOS 16.

Lock Screen

The new Lock Screen will be customizable and you will be able to create multiple lock screens. Swipe left or right to choose the one you want at a specific time. You can choose to add photos and widgets here.

Notifications will be located at the bottom of the screen instead of the top. You will be able to hide them. With Apple’s Live Activities feature, such as when watching a sporting event, instead of having multiple notifications, the notification will update in real time.

You can have Focuses on your lock screen. All settings for each specific Focus will be there. Since you can have multiple lock screens, you can create different Focuses. Focus filters can help you avoid distracting content. If you are low vision, there are new visual options for the screen including fonts and colors. There will be a new wallpaper gallery. With the new photo shuffle feature, you can have different photos displayed at different times.


You will be able to edit any message you just sent. The new Undo Send feature will let you call back a message you just sent. Any message thread can be marked as Unread, so you can be sure to come back to it later. SharePlay has now been added to Messages. In iOS 16, Apple has added parental controls in the Messages app. For example, if your child requests more screen time, you can respond to the request directly from the Messages app. You must be managing the child’s phone to do this. Apple said it will be easier to set up a child’s new device.


iOS 16 integrates typing text and dictating text. You will be able to bring up the keyboard and use both the keyboard and your voice. Dictation will add punctuation and you can dictate which emoji you want to add. This also works when sending a message with Siri.

Live Text

Live Text was introduced in iOS 15. Now you can stop a video on a specific frame and interact with the text. Apple has added Quick Actions with Live Text. You will be able to use Live Text from within the Translate app.

When you tap and hold on an image, you can place it in apps such as Messages.


Additional U.S. states are working on accepting ID using Wallet. Some TSA checkpoints do so already. You will be able to present ID securely for apps requiring identification.

Key sharing will work with Mail, Messages, and WhatsApp. A key can be sent from your wallet to a chosen recipient. If the recipient does not have an iPhone, Apple is working to make sharing keys available for them as well.

Apple Pay will support contactless payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone. With Apple Pay Later, if you purchase something with Apple Pay, you can spread the cost into four payments rather than paying at once. There are no additional charges for this feature. You will have up to six weeks to complete your payments. Payments are managed through Wallet. Apple Pay Later is available from any merchant who accepts Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Order Tracking sends receipts, order status, and tracking directly to Wallet. If you have a transit card in Wallet, you can now find out its balance and reload it directly from Wallet.


In iOS 16, Maps will support multi-stop routing. Up to 15 stops can be added. Routes can be planned on the Mac and then be sent to your iPhone. Previous routes will be located in the Recents section. Users will have the ability to find prices of public transportation. Transit cards can be stored in Wallet. If more money needs to go on a card, you will receive an alert. You can reload the card without exiting Maps.


A new feature of iOS 16 is a tool called Safety Check in a new section in Settings. Safety Check lets the user review and reset the access given to other people. This includes location and passwords. At WWDC, the presenter spoke about how this can help people in abusive relationships quickly stop sharing location, passwords, and other information.


Security updates will be sent to your iOS device as they are available. You will not need to do a complete download and install.


The fitness app will be on the iPhone with iOS 16. It will use the phone’s motion sensors to track steps, flights climbed, and distance. You can also track workouts from apps. Your phone will use the data to give an estimate of your active calories.


In iOS 16, a search button will be located on the bottom of the Home screen. Additional information about Spotlight is presented in the Mac section of this article.

Quick Note

Quick Note will be available on iPhones.

iPadOS 16

In addition to iOS 16, the iPad has software specifically designed for the iPad.


Collaboration lets users work together on a document or similar project across different devices. Apps that can use this feature include Messages and FaceTime. The new operating systems for iOS and macOS will get these features.


This is a new feature where people can collaborate in real time. It is essentially a giant white board. People can add photos, text, and can even draw on the white board with Apple Pencil and other supported tools. It will be available for iOS, iPad OS, and Mac later this year.

Miscellaneous new features

Customizable toolbars in iPadOS 16. Stage Manager in iPadOS 16. This feature is described in the Mac section. The Weather app will be on the iPad.

WatchOS 9

The following Apple watches can use watchOS 9: Series 4, Series 5, Se, Series 6, and Series 7.

New Faces

The Apple watch will have some new watch faces including a Lunar watch face which has support for Hebrew, Islamic, and Chinese. More watch faces will have room for complications.


The workout app has added new metrics for runners. Some of the metrics can be used with other workouts such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and hiking.


In watchOS 9, Sleep stages will be recorded. The watch’s accelerometer and heart rate data will be used to determine which stage you are in. Information is presented on how much time is spent in each stage and when you have woken up.

The iPhone’s Health app will contain additional information about your sleep.

Medication App

The Medication app will let you track medications, vitamins, and supplements, including those you take occasionally. You can receive notifications when it is time for your next dose.

Use this feature by typing a product’s name on your iPhone and then select it. Another option is to scan the item’s label. When you add a new item, you will be notified if there is a drug interaction with anything else you have recorded.

Atrial Fibrillation

If you have been diagnosed with a heart ailment called atrial fibrillation (AFib), your watch can notify you if you are in AFib and how long it is lasting. Apple has not yet received final approval from the FDA for this feature.

Apple Podcast App

The Podcast app will have several new capabilities including searching for podcasts and playing streaming episodes. Parental controls will be available for the app.


The new operating system for the Mac is macOS 13 Ventura. Visit this page for a list of Macs which can use this version of the operating system.

New Chip and New Mac

Apple introduced its new M2 chip and a new, thinner, and lighter MacBook Air. The new M2 chip will be available on the new MacBook Air and the 13 inch MacBook Pro. The M2 chip makes these computers significantly faster. According to Apple, these two computers will be available in July 2022. The current MacBook Air will still be available with the M1 chip starting at $999. The new MacBook Air with the M2 chip starts at $1199. The MacBook Pro with the M2 chip starts at $1299.

Stage Manager

This new feature will be located in the Control Center. It focuses on whichever app is currently in use and puts other open apps off to the side. If you change to a different app, it will be moved to the “stage” and the previous app will move off to the side. If an app has multiple windows open, Stage Manager displays all the windows in a group, and you select the window you want.


Spotlight has added many new features. When on a result, press the spacebar to get more information without going into the result. Images can be found in new places including the web and Live Text. There are new actions that can be performed within Spotlight such as setting a timer and running a shortcut. More information will be displayed in the results list.


The Undo Send feature will be in Apple Mail. You will be able to schedule when an email should be sent. Mail will give follow-up instructions if an email you sent has not received a response. The Remind Me feature lets you know when it is time to come back to a specific email.

The Search feature in Mail will show recently shared documents and links. If you don’t spell the search query correctly, Mail will give search results for the correct spelling.


In macOS Ventura, you will be able to share tabs with others and at the same time they can share tabs with you.


A Passkey is designed to take the place of a password and to only work on the website where it was created. Passkeys can be created with Touch ID or Face ID. The passkey never leaves your device. Passkeys also can be used in apps. Once a passkey is created, it will sync on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV through Keychain. Apple has been working with industry leaders, including Google and Microsoft, to insure Passkey works across platforms.

iCloud Photo Sharing

You can share a folder of photos or just one photo. This can be done directly rather than attaching to a message or email.


You can hand off calls to any of your devices. iPhone’s web camera can be used as your Mac’s webcam for FaceTime or any other Mac video conferencing app such as Zoom and Webex. You will need to purchase a stand to hold your iPhone and connect to your Mac. Stands should be available later this year. Nothing was said about the cost.

Spatial Audio

With Apple’s spatial audio, you will be able to create your specific profile using the true depth camera. The true depth camera is on iPhone 10 and later.


Apple has redesigned the Home app. They are working to make more products compatible with HomeKit.

What’s Next

Public betas for Apple’s new operating systems will be released in July, 2022. Final versions will be released in the fall.

This article is made possible in part by generous funding from the James H. and Alice Teubert Charitable Trust, Huntington, West Virginia.

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