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Return to Almost Normal, What's New from the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

J.J. Meddaugh

After an entirely virtual event in 2021 which was devoid of many new product announcements, companies large and small return to Anaheim, eager to show off their latest innovations. And while some large companies like Google and Microsoft shows to not attend or maintain a much smaller presence, the conference itself felt almost normal and provided plenty of opportunities for networking, learning, and exploring.

Braille and Tactile Graphics at CSUN 2022

Judy Dixon

This year, there were more than the usual number of exhibitors featuring tactile
graphics and braille-related products at CSUN. In this article, I will describe the
tactile graphics items in the exhibit hall and a few of the other braille items.

Product Reviews and Guides

Back to the Future with the BlindShell Classic 2

Jamie Pauls

Today, I am entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, and I can’t see myself giving that up for any other phone, but for many who do not wish to use a smartphone with a touch screen, the BlindShell Classic 2 is a robust and easy-to-use solution. The phone and all of its related apps are updated frequently, and the app catalog continues to expand.

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