About AFB Talent Lab

The AFB Talent Lab is a premier resource for accessibility and usability solutions backed by over 20 years of experience in accessibility and digital inclusion consulting. We help organizations reach their accessibility goals while training the next generation of tech industry talent in inclusive design practices and usability testing methods.

Our two areas of focus are:

  • Clients: Providing high-impact consulting services through authentic testing and actionable feedback.
  • Learners: Training current students and adults with disabilities to be leaders in digital inclusion through collaborative internship and apprenticeship programs.

Our Unique, Agile Approach to Digital Inclusion

Our approach to accessibility consulting prioritizes the user experience, ensuring that consumers can use our clients’ products as easily as possible. We do this by conducting authentic product testing and providing actionable solutions and honest feedback that reduce risk and improve the overall user experience. Our consulting services are informed by WCAG guidelines but not limited by it.

Working with AFB Talent Lab

The American Foundation for the Blind is constantly working to break down barriers and create a world of no limits for people with vision loss. And, for over 20 years, AFB has been a leader in accessibility consulting and helping organizations meet their immediate goals for digital inclusion. Through the AFB Talent Lab, we’re taking a longer, more proactive view. We continue to offer the same exceptional level of consulting services while also providing hands-on accessibility training for future tech workers through internships and apprenticeships.

Think of it like a teaching hospital—but for tech. Along with foundational coursework on digital inclusion and mentorship, the AFB Talent Lab provides our interns and apprentices with the unique opportunity to collaborate with accessibility experts on our real-world client projects. This, in turn, benefits our clients by increasing our consulting capacity and preparing new talent to support the industry’s future accessibility needs.

Ultimately, the collaboration between our clients, participants, and accessibility experts benefits consumers with disabilities, bringing us closer to achieving our mission to create a world with no limits.

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Our Services

Usability and Product Testing

Our practical and honest approach to digital accessibility evaluates and provides high-impact feedback on the most critical workflows impacting the user’s experience with your digital product(s). Delivery also includes an optional results walkthrough conference hosted by the lead accessibility engineer and other members of the AFB Talent Lab team.

  • Review of websites and mobile applications, applying WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA as appropriate.
  • Manual testing with authentic users of assistive technology and some automated testing.
  • Comprehensive reports that promote accessibility and usability with prioritization and practical recommendations for each found issue.

Design Review

Accessibility and usability should be considered early and often throughout the design process, and a design review can identify potential accessibility barriers before they are built into a product.

  • Review of UI/UX designs and concepts for websites and mobile applications in various stages of development, applying WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA guidelines as appropriate.
  • Troubleshooting support, practical recommendations, and best practices for addressing accessibility concerns in designs.

Strategic & Programmatic Needs

We take a comprehensive approach to focus on knowledge transfer and help you move beyond direct "issue identification" and toward supporting a healthy internal design and development process.

  • Training on digital accessibility, including intro-level through advanced/technical training and resources.
  • Drafting and reviews, including guidance for best practices, policies, and governance around accessibility and usability.
  • Roadmap development, assisting in the planning and execution of a measurable approach to accessibility success.

What’s Next?

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