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Conference Coverage

First Post Pandemic Conventions: Together In Nola, Nfb 2022

Deborah Kendrick

If it has been a long while since you’ve attended a national convention of a blindness organization or if you have never had the experience, begin planning now for July 2023. In-person conventions are on our calendars again, and whether the attraction for you is seeing the latest technology, listening to inspirational speakers, learning new skills, or just communing with like-minded friends and colleagues, they are events to be treasured.

App Reviews

Online Payment Platforms: An Evaluation of Accessibility, Part II: Apple Pay

Jamie Pauls

If you use any Apple products whether they be iOS, Watch OS, or Mac OS, you might want to seriously consider adding Apple Pay to your list of online payment services. You will have a leg up on accessibility by using a product built into Apple devices, and many of your friends and family members will already be familiar with how to use Apple Pay.

Prizmo Go and TextGrabber: A Review of Two Mainstream OCR Apps

Janet Ingber

In this second article about scanning and reading options, I compare two reading and scanning apps, Prizmo Go and TextGrabber. Unlike OneStep Reader and Voice Dream Scanner, these two apps are not specifically designed for people who are blind or low vision, but they do claim to work well with VoiceOver.

ReVision Fitness: An Accessible Fitness Program for iOS, Android, and on the Web

Judy Dixon

ReVision Fitness promises to become better and better and is very likely the app
we have all been looking for. With its clear instructions and wide variety of
exercises, it's time to get off the couch and get moving because we don't have
any excuses anymore.