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Employment Matters

What Assistive Technologies are Used in the Workplace? Initial research findings by NRTC on Blindness and Low Vision, Mississippi State University

Anne Steverson, M.S., Michele McDonnall, Ph.D., CRC, Katerina Sergi, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
The National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision (NRTC) began a longitudinal study to learn about AT use on the job by employed people who are blind or have low vision in 2020. This article focuses on some of the findings from the first of four surveys we will conduct with our employed study group.

Product Reviews and Guides

Voxmate: A Swiss Army Knife of Easy-to-use Apps for Your Android Phone

Judy Dixon

Voxmate is an app itself that employs a simple interface to provide quick and easy access to a set of useful applications. It was created by a group of developers in Estonia, and was launched in September 2021.

Eschenbach Smartlux Digital

Steven Kelley

If your passion is easy, portable access to print that can be highly customized to your reading needs, Eschenbach’s new video magnifier, the Smartlux Digital has features that may quickly convert you to a handheld video magnifier, and make you wonder how you ever got by with the other alternatives.

A Review of Two Sheet Music Apps: SM Music Reader and Sheet Music Scanner

Janet Ingber

I recently learned about two iOS apps that can play sheet music, which is a wonderful development for the blind and visually impaired. The apps are SM Music Reader and Sheet Music Scanner. SM Music Reader is geared specifically for blind or visually impaired musicians, while Sheet Music Scanner is a mainstream app.