Presented by the American Foundation for the Blind.
Expanding Possibilities for People with Vision Loss.

A montage of photos and video of students with visual impairments learning in school are seen throughout the video. Teachers and students in a classroom setting speak on camera.

DAVID NORA: The kids here do not see themselves as having any limits. I see students with a great desire to learn, with a burning passion, and that is to keep that fire burning.

KAJ: I will probably be a restaurant owner, or a technician, or a space engineer. Fix old broken-down rockets, try and invent new things, something like that.

JAMILA: I maybe want to be an author, or a librarian. I'll write chapter books, and they're going to be full of adventure and action.

MILLY: I can be a helicopter pilot if I want to! (laughs)

GLORIA: They all have desires, they all have dreams, and without an education that's appropriate, they'll never be able to attain them.

NESTOR: Sometimes if you are way too famous, it gets kind of iffy. So many people like you, so many people get over you that it's like ugh, oh my gosh. That's why I may be a bit famous like I am right now, but not the rapper kind of that.

MARIAM: I want to design clothes and do fashion things. I'll have a red dress with sparkles on it. And flowers. And bows.

WANI: I want to be a drummer. Drumming is pretty good. It's pretty good. And I'm pretty good at it. (demonstrates on the desk)

DAVID: I try to tell them every so often...Life is going to be a challenge, but that's okay. If you strive hard, if you work hard, then you can get through these challenges. There are no limits.

GLYNNIS: I'm excited to experience college and be an adult, practically, on my own—but still have my parents a phone call away if I need them.

ANDREA: I'm going to Kingsborough Community College. It's a two-year college so I'm gonna go for my associate's. I plan on majoring in education and psychology.

GLORIA: Education is the key to making their dreams happen. The American Foundation for the Blind is extremely important. We definitely need new teachers in this field and they definitely help to start the training of new teachers, they lobby for new laws to make sure everyone has equal rights. It's really all our jobs to help students have no limits.

WANI: It's awesome! Like, the possibilities are endless!

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