Narrator: The foundation we're built on is determination, creativity, independence, and the pursuit of happiness. We are the American Foundation for the Blind. Changing the way the world sees blindness. Together, with you, there's nothing we can't do.

A public service announcement from the American Foundation for the Blind aired on national television during Autumn 2018 in light of October as Blindness Awareness Month. The PSA, "Changing the Way the World Sees Blindness," was made possible thanks to the generous support of Comcast and Litton Entertainment.

Created by branding firm Anthem, the PSA portrays visually impaired children and adults interacting with their peers in the classroom and in the workplace, underscoring AFB's commitment to changing public perception of what it means to be blind. In addition to airing on Comcast-NBC Universal this fall, the PSA is also available on AFB's YouTube page and contains video description. AFB is very grateful to Comcast for its generous donation of free airtime. Please note that AFB has no input into which programs run the PSA, and has made no ad purchases of its own.

The American Foundation for the Blind also extends its gratitude to Bridge Multimedia, which provided pro bono video description; as well as the Chicago Lighthouse, which generously lent their properties, volunteers, and staff to help film the PSA.

We depend on champions like you to be able to create a world with no limits for people who are blind or visually impaired. Your gift today will go toward changing the way the world sees blindness.