What Can You Expect?

The demand for accessible products is growing rapidly, but many tech companies lack the talent, experience, and perspective necessary to design truly inclusive products.

The AFB Talent Lab Apprenticeship provides a pathway for people with disabilities to develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of the tech industry and, in turn, make the digital world more accessible and usable for all consumers regardless of disability.

This apprenticeship program prepares you to create a more digitally inclusive future in technology through a career as a project manager specializing in accessibility.

Throughout the two-year program, you will learn the basics of inclusive design and how to conduct effective accessibility and usability product testing on web and mobile platforms. Apprentices also gain experience in project management through real-world client interactions, including agile methodologies, organizing teams, producing testing reports, and learning how to advocate for accessibility policies and best practices within teams and organizations.

What’s Included

The paid AFB Talent Lab Apprenticeship includes:

  • Foundational coursework in digital inclusion and project management delivered through a blend of pre-recorded and interactive modules
  • Mentorship and job shadowing opportunities
  • Authentic, hands-on client projects and project testing
  • Direct client interaction for accessibility reporting, remediation, and guidance

Learn from expert accessibility engineers and usability specialists.

The AFB Talent Lab instructors and mentors have exceptional expertise in digital inclusion, developed through accessibility consulting projects with scores of businesses, including leading corporate environments like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft. And many of them launched their own careers through AFB internships.

Selection Criteria

AFB Talent Lab Apprentices are selected through an application and interview process. To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be able to work full-time for 2 years to complete the program
  • Be skilled at using Assistive Technologies, such as screen readers or magnification, etc.
  • Have an interest in pursuing digital inclusion through product testing and management.

When applying, applicants must provide the following materials:

  • A professional resume
  • A professional letter of recommendation, such as from a colleague or a supervisor.
  • A writing sample of approximately 500 words in length.

Participant Commitments

The AFB Talent Lab Apprenticeship is a fully remote, full-time program lasting two years. Apprenticeship program participants are expected to participate fully in all aspects of the program, including foundational coursework, independent and team-oriented client projects, and meetings with program mentors and supervisors.

Participants represent the AFB and, as a result, are required to adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards while participating in the program.

Work Requirements

The AFB Talent Lab Apprenticeship is a two-year commitment. Participants work a full-time schedule of 35 hours per week.

Compensation & Other Participant Benefits

In addition to developing highly marketable job skills, AFB Talent Lab Apprentices will earn the following through their participation:

  • Compensation starting at $30 per hour for the first 6 months and $35 per hour for the remainder of the program
  • Digital badges with the successful completion of each program term
  • Eligibility to request letters of recommendation upon completion of the program.

When & How to Apply

Applications for new AFB Talent Lab participants are accepted annually. Please visit our Participant Application webpage to learn about current and upcoming application cycles, including when applications open , how to submit an application, and when applications are due.

If you have questions about the AFB Talent lab prior to the next application cycle, please feel free to contact us via the link below.

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Download the AFB Talent Lab Apprenticeship Flyer (PDF)