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Mark Richert, Esq.
Director, Public Policy, AFB
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As you should know, since July 1, 2012, America's leading broadcast and cable television channels have each been required by law to provide at least 50 hours of primetime or children's programming with description in every calendar quarter, approximately four hours per week per channel. Description is oral narration of on-screen visual elements and actions spoken during natural pauses in program dialogue.

Please take just a few minutes and participate in AFB's Described TV Survey, and let us know about your experiences accessing and enjoying television programming with video description. You'll be invited to tell us what your favorite described programs are and which programs that aren't currently being described you would very much like to have described. By taking this survey, you will help AFB and our field as we work to better understand how well the major broadcast and cable networks are complying with the law and how satisfied viewers with vision loss are with their program offerings.

Your answers will be completely anonymous. You may choose, however, to provide your zip code when prompted. The law requires that video description must be provided in the top 25 TV markets, but all broadcast stations and cable companies must pass description through to customers unless some exception applies. Providing your zip code will help us better track how well broadcast stations and cable companies in specific TV markets around the country are doing to comply with the law.

To take the AFB Described TV Survey, follow this link:

We will be collecting survey responses from now until July 15, 2013, and hope to report on our findings in late July, so stay tuned. Also, please share this announcement widely with your family, friends and networks. Thank you!