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Keller, Helen(2)

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  1. Letter to Helen Keller including a short story written about her in "Cavalcade of Young Americans"

    July 7, 1959
    Image 10 > Item No 12 > Folder 1: Writing about Helen Keller: N-General, 1924-1969 > Box 221: Writing about HK: N - R > Series 2: Writing about/by Helen Keller
    ... favorite poet, Oliver Wendell' Holmes. There were visits t© Mark Twain*# home. Where Helen*s'fingers rested lightly on the great ...
  2. Letter from Claude F. Dixon, Rochester, MN to Helen Keller, Dallas, TX wishing her a Merry Christmas...

    January 13, 1961
    Image 1 > Item No 56 > Folder 2: Dixon, Claude F. Dr. and Claire > Box 53: Dick - Endicott > Sub Series 3: Individuals > Series 1: General Correspondence
    ... no snow. Last night 1 was reading some works of Mark Twain and I immediately thought of you; not that I don’t ...