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  1. Letter from Marguerite Levine to Ralph Martin enclosing list of important contacts for his research

    October 21, 1971
    Image 3 > Item No 12 > Folder 6: Writing about Helen Keller: Martin, Ralph G., 1960-1977 > Box 220: Writing about HK: L - M > Series 2: Writing about/by Helen Keller
    ... Jones (grand daughter of Bell) possibly in T.G.' re* HILL, Lister Senator
  2. Part of essay on blindness on Helen Keller's advocacy for the blind.

    Image 1 > Item No 3 > Folder 1: Writing by Helen Keller: Quotations, A-C, 1894-1961 > Box 229: Writing by HK: Q - S > Series 2: Writing about/by Helen Keller
    ... members of Congress, "among them ny good friend Senator Lister Hill (of Alabama) for advocating greater activity in preserving ...